1. “Enrolling for Arena’s course was one of the best decisions I made for my career. It helped me develop a great portfolio and today I am working with my dream company!” - Abdullah
  2. “The workshops and seminars were a great way to showcase our talent and work with some of the well-known animation industry professionals. I would like to thank Aptech for providing us with this excellent opportunity!” -  Binah
  3. “AMSP is THE course if you want to learn the latest animation tools and softwares. For example, the entire process from story boarding to stop motion to 2D & 3D animation that are relevant in today’s industry were a part of the course! Not just that...Arena helped us develop amazing portfolios of our work which made us more confident while approaching companies for jobs.” - Aqeel
  4. “Arena seems like the Magic Word for me! I stepped in for an interview as an Arena certified professional with a well-developed portfolio and immediately got the job!”  - Angelo
  5. “Arena not only teaches the latest animation tools and softwares but you learn them from the best possible trainers. They also give us specialization options and credit transfers. What more could one ask for!” - Ahmed
  6. “We got practical training and a chance to work with the industry for our projects which makes the course more practical and industry-oriented.” - Nicholas
  7. “Arena courses not only provide technical skills, but also provide other job-related skills that help make us job-ready professionals.” - Fahran
  8. “I completed my AMSP course with Arena and today I’m working with one of the best animation & multimedia studios. What more can I say, thank you Arena!” - Ryan
  9. “Arena – The Brand Name is Enough!” - Daniel